Window Cleaning Service

Looking for a window cleaning company? Then you’re in the right place. ServiceMaster believes that clean windows give you a different outlook on life. Whatever you do to clean the internal areas of your building, nothing will affect and reflect on your building more than clean windows. Clean windows improve the view of and from your building, and most importantly, improve the flow of natural light into your building.

ServiceMaster provides a window cleaning service for commercial buildings in which we will get rid of any dirty marks on the windows. We provide individual arrangements with our clients and have insurance that covers our experts to complete any window cleaning job.

We believe in a professional but friendly approach when carrying out our window cleaning service. When it comes down to cleaning your commercial windows, our standards are extremely high and customer satisfaction is at the centre of our attention.

Our team use specialist equipment when carrying out all our cleaning jobs. We use our special toolkit which includes using a professional water-fed pole cleaner to ensure all windows are cleaned to a high standard. Our team of experts specialise in high access window cleaning. We also use eco-friendly chemical cleaning aid as well as purified water window washer that enables our team to reach every window of your building.

All our staff at ServiceMaster are CRB checked. Our team of professionals will arrive at your commercial building fully uniformed with ID badges. We are fully committed to health and safety regulations, ensuring we follow all to the best of our ability.

Health and Safety

Before ServiceMaster Clean carries out any window cleaning for your building we perform a full site survey to look at the type of windows, the heights involved, and to carry out a risk assessment in order to decide the best cleaning method to use.

Professionally Trained Cleaning Technicians

As a commercial cleaning business, ServiceMaster has a duty of care to the people we employ and to you, the customer, we serve to produce a safe working environment. This safe working environment is maintained by our professional team of skilled window cleaners and specialist window cleaning equipment. All of our window cleaning products are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

“Cleaner windows… better looking building”