Disinfection & Specialist Cleaning

We understand that due current circumstances there is a requirement for businesses to minimise the risk associated with viruses that have the capabilities to spread very easily in public spaces such as hospitals, nursing homes, and commercial business. Ensuring your premises is clean and sanitised is vital to combat the potential of a virus spreading between employees, staff, and visitors ultimately preventing the need for a business to close.

ServiceMaster Mercia has a wealth of experience in providing cleaning services to a variety of sectors. As a result we have developed a specialist cleaning approach to efficiently sanitise all surfaces within a building, ensuring our workers are kitted out with an adequate level of PPE.

We achieve this through utilising our fogging equipment to fill each room with a fine mist of 10-micron particles. These particles settle on all surfaces within the room. The settling of particles increases the dwell time, allowing the specialist disinfectant chemical to go to work killing all bacteria and viruses completely

specialist disinfection cleaning

We can now include specialist disinfection services within your daily cleaning specification!

This innovation gives the benefit of a professional disinfection services on a daily or weekly basis while being incorporated within the standard cleaning specification. This ensures your offices and commercial premises are completely sanitised against COVID-19 leaving a safe, healthy environment for your staff, employees and visitors.

This innovation deliveries full sanitisation of touch points, laptops, keyboards, phones, chairs, and upholstery.

What Are The Benefits?

By implementing this approach ServiceMaster Mercia provides;

  • Complete disinfection of your premises surfaces including, floors, touch points, desks, and soft furnishings
  • Significant reduction in pathogens compared to manual cleaning
  • The cleaning and disinfection of inaccessible areas
  • Help protect your employees from further outbreaks
  • A reduction in the risk of an outbreak leading to business closure

Why choose us?

  • Dedicated locally managed business with global backing and support
  • Over 300 employees covering 150+ sites across the East & West Midlands
  • Superior site auditing & quality managment systems
  • Attentive and proactive support team
  • Reliable cover clenaning provision