CQC Healthcare Cleaning

Throughout our extensive experience of keeping the GP surgeries, dentists and private clinics to the standards of cleanliness required of CQC compliant, it has taught that healthcare facilities demand and deserve unique cleaning programmes. Dedicated healthcare cleaning programmes as thorough as they are technologically advanced, as they are expertly applied and supported.

Our staff are supplied with specialist cleaning tools used inconjunction with our “Capture and Removal” system, a high-productivity system that captures and removes 99.9% of micro particles. And it’s why we support all healthcare contracts with advanced performance tracking software. Software like Ezitracker that evaluates times, locations and activity. It’s why we meticulously audit the quality of our work.

So there’s less room for error and more opportunity to deliver exceptional standards. Standards that exceed CQC guideline, that protect your staff, your patients and your reputation from the threats that surround us.

Experience & expertise:

50 years of partnering with healthcare facilities in janitorial and speciality cleaning

Healthier & Safer Environment:

Products and systems that can contribute to increased staff productivity and staff and patient safety

Infection Control:

Trained to assist your facility with infectious outbreaks including MRSA and HN1 (Swine Flu)