Hard Floor Cleaning

Specialist in Hard Floor Cleaning

With specialist Carpet & Hard Floor cleaning treatments, ServiceMaster Mercia is able to maintain your floor coverings whatever the application, retaining its as new condition and saving on restoration costs year after year.

The best choice for your hard-surface floors is to ensure they are a feature of your building is to ensure they are regularly and correctly maintained, they create a good impression to both visitors and Your Employees We Can Enhance Your Professional Image. Hardwood floors need extra care and learning how to clean them is essential for maintaining and protecting your investment.

The state of flooring is often taken as a sign of the general standards of hygiene within a building and at ServiceMaster Mercia, our Technical Services team have a wealth of experience in floor restoration and maintenance that is unrivalled. From one-off deep cleans to managed maintenance programmes you can depend on ServiceMaster Mercia to keep your hard floor surfaces looking at their best should it be carpet, marble, ceramic, quarry tile, hardwood or vinyl our experts are here to help maintain one of your most valuable assets. As dirt and grime can hide on carpets you never really know when a cleaning service is required, however, on hardwood floors dirt and grime are very visible.

Trusted Cleaning Company

Service Master will give your floors a good dust, our professionals will use a microfiber mop or cloth we believe this will be the best defence from scratches and damage to the floor surface. Our Cleaning pads use static electricity this helps when trapping dirt, particles and other household allergens. Our expert team has the best knowledge when cleaning it’s our profession. Service Master will provide weekly maintenance on your hard floor. Over the years we have noticed using a vacuum on a hard floor can cause damage. We use specialist equipment to ensure no damage is caused to your floor.

Weekly cleans to your floor is a great way to clean hardwood flooring. Our team of experts will start by polishing renews and refreshers that will ensure your hard floor is being protected. Most floors will always have some type of protective sealant, however, we believe it is the finish that gets the most attention after we clean. Service Master Mercia will polish all hardwood floors this is due to the polish filing in microscopic scratches this then evens out a floors protective surface.

Contract Cleaning Company

Service Mater will provide weekly maintenance on your hard floor this help with the harder to reach ahead that daily dusting cannot reach. Our team will use specialist equipment that is ideal for getting the dirt out of trouble areas such as corners and even dirt trapped in each piece of the hardwood. Many people believe using a vacuum or a mop on a hard floor will help clean the surface however it causes the wood damage. Many vacuums have a beater bar this is what causes the floor to be scratched. Service Master will ensure no damage is made to your floor when in the process of cleaning.

Attractive, well-maintained floors can help enhance your professional image while providing a clean, safe working environment.




A Maintenance-Care Programme For Your Hard Floors

You can count on ServiceMaster Clean to keep your hard-surface floors looking their best. Whether they are marble, terrazzo, vinyl, ceramic, quarry, wood or other materials, we will customise a maintenance-care programme for your needs.

Quality Cleaning Products

ServiceMaster Clean uses only the best floor care products, the most innovative equipment and methods for optimum effectiveness.

Hygiene Protection for Your Hard Floor

Protection for your hard floor. Not only can ServiceMaster Clean give you a fresh clean looking floor we can also protect you and your staff from bacteria. This is achieved by the application of ServiceMaster floor finish which has Hygienilac a product which provides long term protection against bacteria.

60 years of Experience

The combination of using the best cleaning products and 60 years experience in the cleaning industry guarantees that your floors will be in good hands with ServiceMaster Clean.