Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

On a daily basis your carpets are being subjected to heavy wear and tear, which will affect the appearance of your premises. Commercial carpet cleaning every six months to a year will help you to prolong the life of your carpet, protect your investment and improve the look of your facilities.

Commercial carpet cleaning – first impressions count

Your carpet often provides the first impression of your business when someone walks in to your building. It is also a big investment which needs to be kept clean in order to prevent premature wear, Contact us and we can provide a bespoke carpet maintenance programme ensuring that your carpets receive the best possible care.

Maximise your carpet investment

ServiceMaster Mercia eco-friendly cleaning products extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking fresh. This is achieved by two processes:

  • ServiceMaster’s Fibrefresh cleaning products do not allow the carpet to re-soil to quickly, due to its low pH level.
  • The ServiceMaster’s carpet maintenance programme prevents soil build up avoiding premature wear to the carpet fibres.

The Do's and Don'ts of Carpet Cleaning

Service Master Clean understand our customer’s needs. Not only do we provide excellent an excellent range of cleaning services, we also offer plenty of helpful advice on carpet maintenance. To prolong your carpet's life in-between our scheduled visits, read our useful Do's and Don'ts guide below.


The Do's

Ensure you place walk-off mats at entrances to your home or business. Dirty shoes and boots attract dirt in high-soil areas such as garages, gardens, yards and so on. Money invested upfront in these special mats will stop a high majority of the dirt and grime from being walked across your lovely carpet.

Buy a quality vacuum cleaner and try to use it on a regular basis. In recent years, the vacuum industry has made significant improvements to their products. They are easier to manoeuvre as you clean carpets, generally they are much better at doing the job in hand. They are lighter in weight; the suction is stronger and they feature lots of convenience extras. A hoover can be your carpet’s best friend so vacuum as much as possible. This removes al the loose dust and dirt from the carpets fibres. Over time unwanted particles dull the appearance of a carpet. Vacuuming frequently will extend your floor covering lifespan.

Check if your vacuum cleaner uses bags, if so, try to change them frequently, this will help maintain maximum cleaning efficiency. Newer types of hoovers have been cleverly designed without bags which saves time and makes the effort of carpet cleaning even easier.

Carpet cushion is important as it preserves the feel and look of a carpet. Invest in a good carpet cushion to prevent matting and underfoot crushing. A cushion also provides a certain level of stain and soil protection. A high-quality cushion promotes ventilation between the carpet and the floor. Even though rarely see them, cushions make carpet cleaning more efficient.

Every carpet should arrive with literature from the manufacturer. This is essential as every carpet has different styles, finishes and fibres. This means they will have their own unique cleaning guidelines. We believe a you should treat a carpet like a textile product. Being consistent with your cleaning upkeep periodically will ensure your carpet remains inviting and durable for many years to come. Double check to see if the carpets warranty, it may state the fabric needs professional carpet cleaning to maintain the warranty.


The Don'ts

Avoid vacuuming over loose carpet yarn, avoid trying to pull out snags. Looped carpet designs can snag easily at carpet transition or seams. Treat loose threads like they are on an expensive tweed suit jacket. Carefully cut down the loose yarn until its flush with the carpet. Take care not to catch any other carpet loops surrounding the problem area.

Don’t leave the furniture in the same places for too long. It’s best to rearrange furniture at different intervals. An often-overlooked way of maintaining your carpet is the placement of heavy furniture, these weighty items can crush and compress the carpet pile leaving noticeable indentations. Only when you move or redecorate will you notice any problems.

Take special care of carpet areas near patio doors and windows as they can be effected by ultraviolet rays. No matter how rigorous you carpet cleaning regime, you won’t remove the problem areas which have been deteriorated by the harmful rays. A carpets ability to withstand wear may also be affected. Use approved window treatments which protect carpets against sunlight.


Don’t leave stains for too long, they can soak into the carpet fibres. Immediately and carefully blot up as much of the debris or liquid as possible, use dry paper towels/cloths. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the affected area, this could damage the fibres creating permanent scar areas. Application warm water (not hot) to rinse the area of stain as much as possible. Hot water can set a stain and make it virtually impossible to remove. Press clean cloths deep into the carpet until the moisture of the stain no longer appears on the cloth. If a stain remover is needed, remove moisture before application, be gentle don’t use to much of the stain remover. The next step is to rinse the area with warm water, then soak up the excess liquid with clean cloths. After the carpet has dried, vacuum the to restore the appearance and texture.

Don’t attempt to clean carpets alone. Contracting a professional and professional cleaner to perform a scheduled cleaning regime is highly advised. Traffic and time take their toll on carpets. The professionals have the right experience and equipment to perform a more thorough job, especially when removing stubborn stains and embedded soil. The pros know when it’s necessary to perform commercial cleaning which saves the carpets built-in protection. Also, non professional and rental carpet cleaning equipment may not have the same suction power as used by the pros.